lemonade icecubes

I am so pleased to have Krystina over here on the blog sharing a fun little recipe. Once upon a time we actually met at Blog Sugar and she's pretty sweet and creative.

Sweeten that lemon in your water, replace your lemon slice with a lemonade ice cube! Stay cool and hydrate more this summer! No more watered down iced tea, soda, or cocktails!

i would call these my lovely assistants, however, they did most of the work ;)
  • for 1 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • use 1 cup water
  • and 1 cup sugar
  • freeze in ice cube trays

add to:
  • water
  • your diet coke ;)
  • iced tea
  • citrus cocktails


delicious, right? Go say hi to Krystina on her blog or say hello on facebook, twitter or instagram. oh! she also does web design, so if you're in need-- go check that out here!


  1. Such a fun idea! I've been meaning to have a go at making my own lemonade for ages, and these would be just perfect in it!


  2. Ok, this is a really great idea! I'd love to put them in some unsweetened iced tea for a little more flavor!
    Jeans and a Teacup


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