dear shorts

Dear shorts,

For the longest time I refused to buy you, refused to wear you.

I thought you were weird and fit funny and never really appropriate for much. But I take that all back. You can be classy, elegant, and stylish and I'm only now appreciating all that you can do.

You're like summer's best version of a favorite pair of blue jeans-- totally workable for nearly any occasion.

So this summer let's hang out more. We can invite the blazer and wedges to come, too.

xo, erika

linking up to fashion & faith

blazer: c/o wallis
top: c/o wallis
shorts: Target
wedges: ShoeDazzle

p.s. I'm competing in a contest for Wallis Fashion-- head over to their facebook page and give me a vote? Thanks!

p.p.s. looking to sponsor in July? I have a few spots open!


  1. For so long I felt the same way! I find it hard to find tailored-looking shorts that fit & flatter my figure, but casual ones are great. I'm LOVING them this summer :)

  2. Girl you ROCK them!!!! I used to not be a shorts fan either. Such a cute outfit..

  3. I'm not usually a fan of shorts either, but finally broke down and wore a pair this week b/c it's been in the 90s! I love the color combo in your outfit :)

  4. I wish I could pull of shorts but I HATE my thighs in them!

  5. Have you seen the blog posts about the Girl Scout Camp themed retreat that happened recently with a bunch of bloggers/creative women?? How could would that be to do something like that around here? Since I'm new to Washington I'm dying to meet other creative women here. I'm actually writing a post about it :) You and Heather from justlove.lythings are at the top of my list of PacNW ladies to meet!

  6. I love shorts! And these are fab on you. Love that color!

  7. I'm dying over your post, today, because mine is kind of the complete opposite! Maybe I'll be checking in with you to figure out what the heck to do with my newly purchased shorts. ;)

    Following from Fashion & Faith and glad I found you!
    (alliteration party, it seems...)

  8. Such a cute outfit! I'm glad you're loving shorts - I find them perfect for summer! :)

    Away From Blue

  9. i feel the same! shorts and i have reunited after years apart. although i still feel slightly self-conscious in them with my WHITE legs and spider veins, ew. you look adorbs.


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