I talk myself out of things

I get ideas.

Sometimes they are crazy ideas and I am so excited about them, I can't sit still. Occasionally they make me lay awake at night, the wheels turning as I think about how I'm going to make this scheme work.

Then the next morning, sometime between riding a public bus into work and grabbing a first cup of coffee softened by a splash of milk, something shifts. Maybe that something is reality, my inner conscience, or my practical side rearing its head, but whatever it is, it makes my idea less exciting and more crazy.

By the end of the day, I've talked my way out of whatever scheme I dreamed up.

It's to the point where I've texted my mom excitedly that I need to call her after work with my idea but by the time I call her, my idea seems foreign and bizarre. It feels like I'm telling her a weird dream where people breathe underwater and fish live on land. And I backpedal as I explain my idea, telling her it wasn't that great after all.

My question, to myself and maybe to you, is whether this is just fear breaking in too quickly or is it me being realistic? Do ideas churning at night change once they hit the light of day? And is that good or bad?

I do tend to dream big but I rarely act on it, and I wonder if in some cases, I'm my own worst enemy limiting myself or that my crazy ideas are an evil twin that pops up just every so often.  

xo, erika


  1. I can totally relate! Until someone told me that if you dont ask/try the answer iis always no ... sonow I figure what the hell :-)
    Heather M, www.RockStew.com

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  3. Usually when an idea hits me that way, I wouldn't even wait till morning to draft it out. The mind would be too busy or excited to sleep hahaha! I'd at least draft them out first, so I get a clearer picture of which direction the idea is heading to/should be heading too. If it is totally workable and I have absolutely nothing to lose, just go for it! :)

    I used to dream big, think big and then push them all aside being afraid of not able to complete what I started. Bogged down by all the negative 'what ifs'. But I hated being that way. So I consulted a friend of mine who gave me the best advice ever - Just go for it! Dare to dream it, dare to do it :)

    Okay, long story short. To simply answer your question: Most of the time or almost every time it is the fear breaking in, and tying you down. An idea is an idea. Whether good or bad depends on the purpose of the idea. Haha, crazy idea the evil twin? No way! Crazy ideas makes the world little more fun! :)

  4. I do the same thing. Ideas often hit me at night, and then I can't sleep because I'm churning them over and over in my head. Writing it down it the best thing to do :) Love the little notebook!


  5. I talk myself out of things constantly....usually not dreams/ideas since I'm not as much of a dreamer, but sometimes :)

  6. Oh I do the same thing... or else I'll get halfway through something and be over it. Kind of sad!

  7. Personally, if an idea hits me, I write it down immediately and see how it looks written out. If it's seriously bizarre, I'll ask someone's opinion. But don't sell yourself short! Sometimes the weirdest idea is the best!
    xo Kristina Rose


  8. hahha you are soo cute!! sometimes i have random grand ideas... but those ever hardly ever turn into reality!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  9. Hmm...I don't think I can help answer the question but I know exactly what you mean. For me personally I think sometimes I'm afraid of rocking my boat, of things changing, of having to be less lazy, of trying so hard at something just to have it fail. I guess it's not any one thing but a constantly changing collection of doubts and justifications for not going for it. Arg!

  10. I saw that you linked up with the Pleated Poppy, I'd love for you to check out my blog hop if you haven't already!!


    xoxo Tori

  11. LOVE this post! Anytime, I have any ideas, I write it down right away. I used to dream big but I noticed as I grow older and wiser (haha), I start to re-evaluate what makes me happy and start from there.

    xo Jo

  12. I know what you mean, I do the same thing. I cycle over the idea again and again, talk myself in and out of it. In the end, sometimes you just have to go for it!


  13. Ideas are born great, and I think is often diminished by our fears of publicly displaying something that we were so excited about and proud of...to be viewed from others as a bad idea. At the end, your ideas are a spark of your creativity. So far, I have only seen creative, innovative and great things from your blog :) So I encourage you to indeed write them down and don't doubt yourself. It'll turn out great :)


  14. I am exactly the same. For as long as I can remember my nights have been filled with hopeful dreams while my days have been monotonous and "realistic." It's my fervent belief that it's the middle of the night daydreams that will guide us to where we can shine.

  15. I have definitely done this! I seem to do it a lot with my blog in particular. I had this great idea to go with a launch for a jewelry line, was super pumped about it, and then my excitement for it died and I didn't end up doing anything with it. I wish I had stuck to my initial idea!

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