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It may only be June, and I'm still wearing layers, but I've already started on the summer bucket list. Each summer I start off thinking how much time I have, so many sunny weekends to devote hours to the beach, hiking, camping, fun getaways-- but by the time each fall rolls around, summer feels much shorter than it actually was.

This year the bucket list is mostly filled with to-do things-- like the big to-do in the photo above.

As you can see, our house paint is flaking off, like someone healing from a bad sunburn. There are places where I can peel back layers of the gray, right down to the wood without any effort.

When I bought a house, I was excited for all the fun things-- the decorating, the party hosting -- but a lot of house stuff is not glamorous: fixing toilets, unclogging drains, and what will surely take up a few August weekends-- painting the exterior of our home.

We're also embarking on a huge landscaping project, which will be a lot of hard work and will surely test my black thumb, but I'm excited to see our little yard transformed.

And in-between painting and planting, I'm hoping to squeeze in more hiking and camping and relaxation, and of course a trip down to SF for Renegade.

What's your summer look like? Endless vacation or filled with to-do lists?

xo, erika

jean shirt: thrifted
shift dress: Gap similar
necklace: H&M
boots: Star Ling via Ebay

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  1. We are hoping to paint our house this summer too! I am pretty sure I won't be involved, but the mister has hopes of organizing a group to get it done :) Until then, I do have endless to do lists. I'll get getting as much of it done before Baby comes and then all bets are off (in the best of ways)!!

  2. you look adorable in these layers!! good luck w/ all checking off the list!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  3. super cute! love this layered look. definitely need to try this with my striped dress

    kw ladies in navy

  4. The un-glamorous side of a house is why I am happy we still rent!
    My summer is all work in June and July and then to Rome and Ireland in August - I think it will be a fun summer :).

  5. Oh man we just started painting our condo a couple weeks ago and I can't get myself to finish the bathroom, it's so much work! In August I am getting married so my summer opportunities to keep up with jewelry orders and spend time outdoors are filling up quick with wedding stuff. Late summer should be a breeze, though. That's when the weather is awesome.

  6. I love how you always encorporate the perfect splash of colorful fun into your outfits! this layered look is so cute :) Your house looks so cute too! haha, I also love how you have that arrow pointing to the large chipped paint in the front- too funny!!

    Sunny with A Side of...

  7. We're hoping to get our bedroom, guest bedroom and office painted this summer, as well as decorating our screened in porch and pool area!

    We're still in layers here in WI too =-/

  8. My house has vinyl siding--that was a huge job to put up, but I'm so happy we'll never have to paint it again! I think we'll have a good balance of both work projects and vacations this summer! I really like your layers!

  9. Love how you layered this! And your house is still adorable :) Visiting from style sessions and now following!

    xo, Ainslee


  10. fun layering! i'm doing ICAD (index-card-a-day challenge this summer. it's pretty awesome. you just create art on an index card everyday. easy!
    (PS Visiting from WIWW. See my outfit at Olivia Cleans Green. Hugs!)

  11. Love the layering! Hope to see you linked up at What I Wore Wednesday Just grab the badge or link and comment and you're good to go!


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