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Before there was the etsy shop or the blog, I still had a huge love for handmade and homemade. My favorite times when after begging a bajillion times, my mother agreed to do a craft with us. (Read- set up a craft for us.)

There was a while when the craft du jour was stamping. Today, I'm no pro but I still love the look of stamped items and have even played around with making my own stamps here and here.

As I said, though, I am not a professional, which is why I was excited to read "Put Your Stamp On It" which is filled with adorable and easy projects. Some of them involve carving your own stamps-- others are as simple as finding things around the house -- in one of the projects, it's a pencil eraser! (You can watch an adorable video of the book here.)

The book is easy-to-understand and beautiful and lucky us-- there's a copy for one rouge & whimsy reader!

Simply tell me in the comments what craft you love making time for -- the craft could even be the art of sleeping or ice cream eating -- both, my friends, are crafts near and dear to my heart! ;)

I usually use rafflecopter-- but the site hasn't been working for me-- so for extra entries, follow me on facebook, instagram or pinterest and let me know you did in the comments (and share what email you used to follow. each follow counts as one entry.) 

xo, erika

p.s. if you follow me on instagram, you'll know that I had a minor ankle injury ahead of my half-marathon this Saturday (eee!) but my ankle is feeling loads better and I know it's because of your love & prayers. so thank you. :)



  1. Awesome book!! I love making time for sleeping first of all, but a nice run and some sewing both come in second :)

  2. Paper crafts!! Accessory makings too!! I haven't been doing them for the longest time due to the mess I make around the house when it happens. hahaha my mom don't like that. But I'd get my chance when nearing Christmas! :D

    Rafflecopter says contest is closed :( Hope I'm not too late. Is this open internationally btw?

    1. followed you on pinterest as well, under the name "Lacqueerisa Says"
      contact email: lacqueerisa[@]gmail.com

  3. I'm currently diggin' anything that I can hang. Buntings, garlands, covering the wires of twinkle lights with fabric and hanging them. And banners. And pictures/wall art (DIY of course).
    And I'm an expert at re-arranging furniture. It's totally a craft. I do it at least once a month. I get bored and like to find new places to hang out that feel like they've been there forever. :)

  4. And on Facebook - Stephanie Rager :)

  5. by far - snuggling with my cat. ;)


  6. I love making time for card making :)

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  10. The art of yoga for me - on land, in the studio, and most recently on the water (stand up paddle board style!)

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