august favorites + giveaway

oh hey August. You're almost gone. 

In honor of the end of summer's final month, I asked a few of my sponsors to share their favorites.

Jaclyn of Jac & Elsie // shop  twitter  facebook
1. enamel bird necklaces : I love the sweet shape and color of each charm, and that gold leaf that extends beyond the bird is so pretty
2. Orange & Spice Herb Tea by Bigelow : one of my fav flavors, great for getting ready for fall
3. Ulta Plush Drama Mascara : great for everyday wear!

Amber of Beautiful & Beloved // shop  blog  facebook
4. Netflix : We are trying to be cable free and this is the only way I am getting any tv watching done
5. kale smoothies : 1 cup of kale + 1 banana + 1 cup of coconut milk = a delicious morning snack I cannot get enough of.  I am hoping to talk my husband into buying me a nutribullet during this move when our old blender "accidentally" breaks :)
6. summer dresses : I don't have time or energy to put together outfits during this crazy season in my life.  A dress helps me feel pulled together and fashionable without much actual effort.

And my favorites!
7. Three felt wildflowers : I just ordered these-- can't wait for blooms that last all year!
8. herringbone hanging planter : I've had my eye on this from the Moorea Seal shop for quite some time
9. Revelon Just Bitten : A great wash of color (that stays!)

to celebrate the end of the month, we're giving away the enamel bird necklace, lip stain and tea! A perfect end of the month gift!

what have you loved this month? 

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xo, erika

p.s. want to be a part of next month's favorites giveaway? check out my sponsor options here!

also -- may I have your vote? thanks!


  1. I just found your blog ( via The Vanilla Tulip ) and I really enjoy it! thanks for the chance to win :)


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