blackberry date night

In Washington, where I grew up-- and where I live now-- there are wild blackberries everywhere-- even in the city. They pop up on the sides of roads, take over backyards and parks, and come August, are bursting with delicious black fruit.

It almost seems sacrilegious to buy blackberries at the store, when they are lining nearly every road right now, just waiting to be picked.

The husband and I had a quick after-dinner date night, wandering a few blocks over to fill a tub full of blackberries. It was the perfect pause to our day and I can't complain about the pounds of fruit we brought back. (I will complain about the thorns, however! Wild blackberry bushes have the must intense thorns and my legs got quite a beating from this weekend.)

I've already made blackberry jam (I know, jam-making addict,) and I made homemade blackberry fruit leather (like an old-school fruit roll-up -- remember those?), which I'll share later this week. Also on the blackberry menu: blackberry scones, blackberry pie, and of course, blackberries just sprinkled over vanilla ice cream.


p.s. like my shirt? It's from my friend Leonora's shop Yellow Heart Art. I love that it reminds me to be gutsy, because in a lot of things, I definitely am afraid.

shirt: Yellow Heart Art
sweater: thrifted
shorts: thrifted & cut off


  1. Very cool! Growing up we used to go blackberry picking a lot, there were even a huge stretch of huckleberry bushes not too far so we would go at least once a summer.

  2. Okay I am JEALOUS. Most of the blackberries we're getting here in WI are not the greatest. Obviously I need to come out there!

    P.S. I'm giving away 5 sponsor spots this week on my blog and I'd love for you to come and enter!

  3. what a perfect date activity!! PS I lovelovelove this casual outfit!!! xo

  4. loooove that tee by Leo! you look absolutely gorgeous, girl. and blackberry picking sounds actually divine. now i want to eat some. :)

  5. oh man, i hope portland has lots of blackberries too!! love them! interested to see how you made the leather, joel would love that.

  6. Such a fun date night! I keep wanting to pick blueberries since there's a lot around here, but this wasn't the summer. And I've never made jam.

  7. Yummy! This reminds me of a book--have you ever read Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio? Such a great book and author. It's set in Seattle, a mystery. Oh, she is just a lovely author, you should check it out :)

  8. This is sooo cool! Sad to admit, but blackberries are a new love of mine, I never really liked them before. But now I am putting them in my basket everytime I go to the store. Here on the east coast they seem to be pretty expensive...but that hasn't stopped me yet! :) Love your shirt, btw...

  9. I wish we had blackberry bushes all over here in Texas. I love them. My grandparents used to have a few blackberry bushes in their backyard and I have beautiful memories of picking them until my fingers were stained.

    Stopping over from "life lately" at Wild & Precious. :) xo

  10. Yay! Our neighbors blackberry bush is out of control, but when I went out to pick yesterday, the birds had beaten me to it! D'oh! Enjoy the fresh berries! I love making a reduction out of them, for salmon (with balsamic), or pancakes (with honey), or ice cream. I can't wait to see that fruit leather recipe!


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