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A quick story. 

I like sharing what I wear -- and I hope you like seeing what I wear -- but the outfit photo thing is painful for me. The husband takes them for me sometimes in our front yard and I swear I hit the deck every time a car drives down. Which isn't that often, but still. You know. It's awkward.

I decided that you may be sick of seeing the dead grass in my front yard, so I've been on a mission to find new places in my neighborhood to take photos but this of course, requires me to go out into public. And it's scary. No fence and front yard to hide behind. 

I got lucky with these photos. This alley isn't too far from my houses and I knew it was a good place for photos when I spotted the heart with the Frankenstein in it. If that isn't blog worthy, I'm not sure what is. 

xo, erika

sweater: Madewell (old)
shorts: Rose Royce
sandals: TJ Maxx
hat: Forever 21


  1. Aw. Lady you're beautiful! Don't be afraid to strut your stuff.

  2. i feel the same way about outfit pics...which is why i rarely do them :).

  3. That hat is too precious!


  4. I am the SAME WAY! We live in a relatively busy street and I have to force myself not to hide my face. We do them in the backyard too but I love the pics we can get in the front yard better....

    I'd also LOVE to go across the street to the university to do pictures but I'd be so embarrassed....

    We need to get over it!

  5. we are wearing the SAME shorts today!!!!!!!!! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. I LOVE THAT FRANKENSTEIN ON THE WALL!!! What a great find!! :) I love these photos!!

  7. There is zero privacy in our backyard, which is the number one reason I don't take many outfit photos. I felt like I had an excuse to document the baby bump, but now I don't have that anymore...

  8. Haha, we were driving downtown last night and a saw a girl posing for pics in front of a brightly colored building and her male compadre taking snap shots of her. I quickly pointed her out to my husband and said, "blogger- blogger!" I wanted to pull over and find out what her blog was! A sense of camaraderie came over me, though she had no idea that I had driven by and knew what she was doing. Have at it girl friend!


  9. one of my FAVORITE things is scouting for new spots on my way home. it's a great way to get to know your neighborhood! :)


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