homemade rhubarb jam

One of my (unspoken) goals for this summer was that I wanted to make jam. By myself. I wasn't sure what kind, but then my rhubarb plant ever-so-helpfully mass produced this summer and the only feasible way to use it all was to make jam.

I went and bought a water-bath canner, jar tongs (yes-- definitely needed), and jars. Then I read up on water bath canning for a long time before I settled on following this rhubarb recipe along with this guide to water bath canning. If you have never canned before, I highly recommend the site Food In Jars. (so much helpful information.) Also, I highly recommend not reading about botulism on wikipedia.

I thought that making jam would be a really stressful activity. When I was little, I remember my mom making jam each summer and she would send us kids out of the house while she made the jam. We weren't allowed back in the house until she heard the little "pop" of each jam jar sealing. With this in mind, I set out expecting canning to be both frustrating and incredibly difficult. I was pleasantly surprised that not only did I manage to make the jam, but all the jars sealed and the jam actually tastes really good. (And there have been no reports of botulism. Phew.)

As my rhubarb plant is still enormous and set on producing at least 50 more pounds worth of rhubarb, I'm sure that I'll be making more jam soon. (Christmas presents-- done!)

Have you ever made jam?  Or tried something you expected to be difficult?

xo, erika


  1. It is one of my life goals to make jam as well; yours looks delicious! My husband and I have over 20 tomato plants, so we're gonna need to get creative with them (tomato jam?) I'm definitely going to check out Food in Jar.

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  2. Oh I'm so jealous of your rhubarb! I'd love to make rhubarb jam. I made strawberry freezer jam this year. It's so rewarding isn't it?!

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  4. The jam looks great! If you still have lots of rhubarb I suggest trying some rhubarb ade. Here is the recipe I used:


    It's very good! It makes me wish I also had an rhubarb plant that was growing like crazy. Enjoy!

  5. Oh wow that looks amazing! You've inspired me to try and make jam some day soon! How cool would it be to give little jars of jam to people as gifts!
    Norma x

  6. I've never made jam before, but it looks good! Jam making always reminds me of that Friend's episode where Monica makes batches and batches of jam after she breaks up with Richard.

  7. Yumm!! I just realized I haven't had rhubarb in any form this season, didn't even make my favorite strawberry and rhubarb crumble. You should look it up - it's from Bon Appetit I believe and has a whole vanilla bean, yum.

  8. I'm so intimidated by making jab but you make it sound doable. I grew up in Oregon and my mom canned SO MUCH during the summer and it was the same way- go play outside, and stressful anticipation for the pop. I always thought it was the hardest thing ever :) Yours sounds delish!


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