I love being creative with my outfits -- layering things together that I haven't before -- trying different color combinations or just making something old and forgotten on a lonely hanger feel new.

But then there are days when I just need to wear something simple. I want to wear something brainless that I know will work and be comfortable. Those are the days I reach for a few of my favorite items-- comfort pieces:

This denim top-- which I thrifted about a year ago and have more than got my $4 worth.

This floral red scarf -- something I bought in Paris four years ago in some small market stall

My favorite pair of wedges (another thrifted find).

Add in a great pair of skinny jeans and I feel like I just can't go wrong.

What are the things in your closet you always grab?

xo, erika


  1. I'm def a tees and jeans gal...but i really like to dress things up with scarves...thats usually about as fancy as i get :)

  2. For me, this simple outfit would be dressing up! I normally wear one layer, shirt and pants. I can't stand wearing a lot, as I overheat very, very easily. I have fallen in love with an open cardigan, or hoodie, for this reason: easy to take on and off! I've fallen in love with wearing scarves as belts, or sometimes in my hair, and rarely around my neck but it's becoming a favorite too. Jewelry, always. I often stay in sneakers, as most boots are too small for me (I'm a size 10/11 in boots and most shoes), but I want to get a few comfortable and stylish pairs. :)

  3. Even though it's simple you still look cute and put together. Love your scarf! And I am CRAZY jealous that you can get away with jeans and long sleeves right now... our weather is too hot for anything but swimsuits.


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