anthropologie giveaway ($200!)

I know it's like a blogger thing to love Anthropologie but I swear that I've loved it long before I even blogged.

I was introduced to it my freshman year of college. There was a store near my campus, so my friends and I would trek down there to wander through the store, spending hours looking at everything -- but rarely buying anything, because, hey, we were broke college kids.

Now there's one a few blocks from the day job and try as I might, I can't stay away. I love the creative interior displays, their homewares and, the real crux of it all, their clothing.

And I'm sure there are some of you that loves Anthropologie (maybe too much), like me, which is why I am excited to join with other fabulous ladies to give away a $200 Anthropologie gift card!

Don't know what you would do with $200 to Anthro? Let me give you some ideas:

1. peplum top -- a perfect version of the classic peplum
2.  paradiso necklace -- this would update any outfit!
3. capri blue candle -- the best, longest lasting candle in a reusable, chic container
4. petaluma dress -- pattern mixing done for you!
5. color-blocked wedges  -- all the colors of fall in a great wedge.

the giveaway will be open through this friday, august 23. good luck & happy monday!
xo, erika


  1. what?! no way! like you, i've been a fan of anthro for a long time now. i first discovered it my senior yr of high school and have been obsessed ever since. i would be over-the-moon excited to win this!! i would have a hard time deciding between clothes & housewares for our Portland bungalow :)

  2. Awesome. I love wandering down there on my lunch break and browsing


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