labor day weekend

Labor Day weekend was fantastic.

I even have the freckles and slight sunburn (on my back-ouch) to prove it. Turns out when you wait until the end of summer to laze around in the sun, even SPF 50 isn't enough protection.

One of my dear friends is getting married in a few weeks and we celebrated her bachelorette by camping -- well, more like glamping-- in a lake resort town. (I say glamping, because we could walk to a Starbucks from our campsite.)

We spend it eating too much and floating on mattresses in the lake, sun shining down on us, cool water tickling our toes. It might have been the perfect way to end the summer-- if I was ready for summer to end yet. I am still in denial and will be holding onto my fading sunburn and the sunshine for as long as I can.

How was your Labor Day weekend?

xo, erika
p.s. -- may I have your vote? thanks!


  1. FAITH!!!!!! I miss her! Also, great PR reference. I've been calling it "glamping" now, too!!

  2. i didn't get a single photo of my weekend...which is totally unlike me! I voted btw!!

  3. I recognize that backdrop! Looks like a good time. I'm hoping we will have warm weather for a few more weeks! Oh, and snow this year! Love Seattle snow days.

  4. What a fun weekend! Walking to Starbucks from a campground? Hmm...that would be weird, but also nice since I usually forget the coffee when we camp (my husband always claims it's the best way to meet your camping neighbors).

  5. That sounds like an AMAZING weekend, I'm kind of jealous!

  6. You DEFINITELY had a fun weekend (yay you!) You should come to Africa- it's an endless summer here :)

  7. Erika, has anyone told you that you look just the slightest like Taylor swift?!


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