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I think I mentioned before that I pride myself on being a good gift giver. And I do love to give gifts-- to find things that I think people will both love but not expect.

And in return, I also like to find things for myself that no one else has. My husband even calls me out on it and it definitely is a hipster complex: wanting things that no one else will have or ever see. I love that it's so different from me as a 12 year old, when all I wanted was that Old Navy tech vest, just so I could be like everyone else.

But today, let's not be like everyone else? Ok?

I am excited to share Uncommon Goods with you today-- if you haven't heard of this site, I really recommend it when if you're ever looking for a gift or gasp, dare I say, stocking stuffer? (I know, it's way too early, but if you're in the mood-- see their stuffer ideas here.)

They have gifts categorized for guys (see them here), for house warming parties (here), gifts for women (here) and even more. There's a lot to peruse but I found a few of my favorite items:

1. diy shower curtain // my shower curtain could definitely go for a redo
2. year of gratitude kit // What a great idea to just have out in your home
3. soapstone cheese platter // because you always need to know what cheese you're nibbling on
4. 642 things to write about // a writing prompt journal is always a good thing
5. guitar pick punch // I actually bought this for one of my brothers last year (and I think he likes it?)
6. agate coasters // these are so gorgeous I almost wouldn't want to set a drink of them!

One of these items, (or perhaps something else), could be yours as Uncommon Goods is generously offering a $50 gift certificate to anything in their shop to a rouge + whimsy reader!

enter using the rafflecopter! good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
xo, erika 

p.s. two things! tomorrow is the monthly link-up the list. come share your goals for september with Beth and I.
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  1. Ahhhh! I absolutely LOVE Uncommon Goods! Definitely entering. :D

  2. This would be great! Fingers crossed!

  3. Oh I drool over so many of their things....great idear!


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