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I decided I need to show all of you a little more of the spaces and places that I explore in my green city and there's no better place to start than one of my all-time favorite restaurants/bars in my neighborhood, The Yard.

What's interesting about Seattle is the sheer number of bars. Bars are not just places to drink-- bars are sometimes the best places to eat and many of the bars are even kid-friendly for a few hours.

In fact, I realized one day in trying to decide where to go for dinner, nearly all my favorite places to eat at are bars... and that may not be a normal thing for most cities. There are not a ton of nightclubs or lounges but, instead, plenty of spaces where microbrews and craft cocktails are the beverages of choice and nearly every menu boasts organic, sustainable and local in their descriptions.

The Yard is no different in their food offering.  Situated just a few blocks from my house, it's the perfect happy hour or casual dinner spot, especially during the summer.  It includes a fabulous outdoor patio, framed by greenery, but even more than the setting, I love the food.

The food is some sort of Latin American fusion with tacos heavily featured on the menu but the best option is the tortas, Mexican sandwiches layered with delicious roasted veggies and meats.

The Yard also makes its own tortilla chips and salsas, and it's a blissful experience if you happen to time it right, snagging a bowl of chips warm from the oven.

xo, erika

denim shirt: thrifted (similar or similar)
skirt: thrifted
shoes: keds (similar)
necklace: H&M

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  1. So this sounds like a perfect place to go when I'm in town.... :)

  2. Fun! The bars in my town are pretty much just bars. I mean, that's kind of how it rolls in a college town. They pretty much cater the the "just turned 21" crowd, yikes.


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