5 elements of a good blog design + giveaway

oh hey. remember me? I'm still here-- I just got overwhelmed (a bit) with life and had to let the daily posting go. but I'm back today to share a super great post & giveaway from Brittany Douglas, who has a phenomenal blog and design shop! (want to see how great she is? I love this recent post from her.)

5 Elements of a Good Blog Design

1 // Unique header
The header is the first thing people see when they visit your blog, so it needs to stand out! If you're not comfortable designing one yourself, there are lots of designers who would love to help.

2 // Simple navigation
About & contact pages are usually some of the first people visit when they find a new blog - are yours easy to find? Keep your menu up near the header for easy visibility, but don't clutter this area with too many page links. 

3 // Clear readability 
This includes your post & pictures! Make sure your content can be easily read (both your font & font size contribute to this) and your pictures can be easily seen. No one wants to squint!

4 // Easy to connect
You don't have to be on every social site, but make sure you clearly link to the one's you are a part of. So much of the discussion happens off the blog!

5 // Reflects you
This is the most important one. Because your design can be beautiful, but if it doesn't reflect you, it hasn't served it's purpose. A blog is your space on the web, and the design needs to reflect you and what you love.

Brittany is offering $50 in credit to her design shop as well as a copy of her e-book "Blog Design Essentials: Where to Start."

enter using the rafflecopter below & connect with Brittany on twitter, instagram, facebook  and her blog!

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  1. Thanks! I didn't realize someone had written a book about it....awesome!


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