photo dump (or what I did this weekend)

This weekend was wedding weekend. 

On Friday my friends and I packed up and headed over the pass to Eastern Washington to be in a dear friend's wedding. Our lose of transportation? A mini van. 

The setting was gorgeous, the wedding was picturesque and two days with friends who make you laugh until you cry is always good for the soul. 

xo, erika

linking up to blair for life lately!


  1. love your dress! and being with friends who make you laugh until you cry is THE best :).

  2. How fun is that!! Definitely a special time spent with friends!

  3. beautiful photos!! your beautiful :)

  4. Oh my gosh looks like you've been having some AMAZING times lately!

  5. That minivan shot is hysterical!

  6. aw, that last picture is epic! looks like a blast, erika. :)


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