the list: august

It's been a week of September, and I think I'm getting into the groove of things.

I'm not quite ready for sweaters or the rain that just happened this week, but I guess I can handle this new month and what it will bring. (Because it's going to be a busy month!)

I'm in a wedding in two weeks and then I'm getting on a plane to go to the Influence Conference where I am teaching (I know, what-- they're letting me?!) a little session on fashion blogging.

 Honestly though, September is just going to roll right into October which is just as insane. The week after Influence, I'll be in San Fran for the ReMake conference hosted by Brit of Brit & Co. The next weekend it's a bridal shower then a bachelorette party for a wedding I'm the best lady for (there's no way I'm going to be the matron of honor... sorry.)

It's going to be a marathon of activity and I don't expect it to slow down until Christmas. It's good stuff, but it's busy stuff.

August was busy too -- busy but good:

1. We've been painting our house (we're almost done!)
2. I picked a lot of blackberries (and made blackberry fruit leather)
3. I made a knit skirt (I know, I owe you a diy)
4. I made rhubarb jam for the first time
5. I talked about jealousy

What did you do this month?

Every first Friday of the month Beth and I share our favorite things from the past month and what we're looking forward to in the new month. It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be long, it can just be what the link-up is: a list.

When you link up, please link a relevant post and link back to Beth or I somewhere on your blog. And be sure to come see what others are sharing as well. :)

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