endless summer

You know it's fall when Sunday afternoon is overtaken by a gloriously intense thunderstorm, complete with window-shaking booms, flashes of lightning and driving rain.

What's incredible, however, is that only a few days ago it was 91 degrees in Seattl: a perfect day to squeeze in last bits of summer.

My family, and a few friends (who are practically family) crammed into our boat for a evening ride on Lake Washington. It was too choppy for wakeboarding, so instead we inner-tubed. (And as much as I love inner-tubing, my body does not love it quite as much.)

It was on the boat, with the sun setting into the water and just the faintest nip in the air-- and people I love around me-- that I just couldn't help but think how precious that very moment was. And I wanted to hold as tight as I could to it, enjoying just every second of it.

I'm not good at doing that -- celebrating tiny moments -- and so I was incredibly thankful for that reminder, sitting on the boat, bare shoulders to the sun, that life can be so good.

 (my mom & me)
 (not-so-little brother)
 (if you inner-tube ith us, we may make you perform some tube olympics.)

are you doing anything to soak up the last bits of summer?

xo, erika

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  1. Spent the weekend at the pool with friends! But then it's an eternal summer in Nigeria so I get to do that every other day :)

  2. As nice as summer is, ours started in...what? May? I'm truly ready to not have temps in the 90's (especially given the humidity). Bring on the cold temps, crisp air, and all things Autumn! :)

  3. We've talked about going on a picnic after church. I'm determined to make it happen next week (unless it rains).

  4. We're in Northern Minnesota right now, so it's been anywhere from the upper 30s to the upper 60s. Still we went for a walk along the beach today and it was pretty amazing!

  5. Your mom looks a) just like you and b) like your SISTER!

  6. Beautiful photos!

  7. Anytime you get to spend your weekend on the water is a good weekend.

  8. Beautiful photos! especially the first one. thank you so much for sharing!

    visiting from Blair's link up!



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