what i wore: pastels please

When I saw that pastels were "in" for spring, I wasn't too excited.

I like brighter, bolder jewel tone-like colors.

Pastels make me think washed-out, faded-- like a floral bedspread from 1987.

But what do I know? So I bit my tongue, dug in my closet, and paired the most pastel thing I could find.

 lace tank: Nordstrom // cardigan: Nordstrom // jeans: Gap  bracelets: handmade by me, thrifted

And it turns out (gasp) I liked it!

But not enough to dig out my old bedspread.

xo, erika


  1. Haha, I feel the same way about pastels! But I love your outfit here! Totally cute ;)

  2. super cute...and thank you for NOT wearing a bedspread (although I smiled thinking about it)! love the color combo and I can't say I'm much of pastel gal myself. Lots of neutrals mixed with bolder colors here!

  3. Lol about your pastel reference from 1987! Your outfit is cute! I love that lace tank!

  4. I love bright colors + pastels and I think you ROCKED this outfit!! PS The lace on that top is beautiful!!!

  5. Hi! I'm Leah and I just discovered your blog! I love your outfits! And we totally have the red hair/bang situation in common : )

  6. I'm not a pastel girl... I feel like with my darker skin and hair I look better in brighter colors.

    I think you look gorgeous though lady!

  7. These colours look lovely on you! I'm the same way with dark colours and jewel tones, so I'm struggling with the pastels too...but this post was inspiration!

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

  8. loved this outfit when you rocked it at CE!


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