happy birthday!

Today is my birthday.

But I don't want to talk about me today.

I want to talk about someone else who has a birthday today.

Not my best friend growing up whose birthday is today [happy birthday cathy!]

or a dear friend from college [yay katie!]

or another friend from college [daniel! woohoo birthday!]

I want to talk about the husband because today is his birthday today too.

[collective awwwww.]

Yes, the husband and I share a birthday. That's actually why we got married! (jussssst kidding.)

He's a year older but we share the same day every year and it's more like Christmas-- where we do our best to both spoil each other. And he usually wins that war because it turns out that I am spoiled just by being married to the guy.

Now, I'm not a big cheesy romantic person. I don't like pet names and get uncomfortable at public displays of affection but I have to dedicate at least one day to someone who is a huge part of this blog.

He is the guy who takes outfit photos -- multiple ones. And never complains or get embarrassed.

He's the guy who reads my blog daily even though he could care less about sewing, fashion, thrifting or many of the things I post about.

He's the guy who hands out my business cards at work, talks up my blog to the baristas at Starbucks and never questions when I'm photographing our food.

When I call to beg to go to blog conference, he's the guy that always says yes. 

He's the guy who encourages me to work harder and pursue my dreams, yet often tells me it's okay to take a break and nap or do something just for me.

He doesn't question that I have friends I met through the Internet. (as scary as that sounds.)

He's the guy who listens to my emotional tirades and never, ever questions my sanity but allows me to vent and cry without judgement.

When it's rough-going, he's the guy who holds me, prays with me, and makes me laugh.

He's the guy who folds the laundry.

He's the guy I said yes to and married almost three (whoa) years ago and I'm so glad that we get to grow old together and be that old couple who takes advantage of every senior discount. (4 p.m. dinners here we come!)

I am so thankful for my husband and his role in my life, in this blog, my etsy shop and all my dreams of success.

Happy Birthday Evan!

xo, erika


  1. that is SO awesome you guys share birthdays!!!!
    you guys look so beautiful together<3
    happy birthday!!


  2. You're a lucky lady. Where did you find him? :)

  3. absolutely adorable...you're a perfect match! happy birthday to you both! and that wedding picture is smokin!!

  4. you two are so stinkin' cute! happy birthday e+e! i can totally relate to loving having a supportive husband who reads your blog posts daily :)

  5. happy birthday to you two!!!!!!! awwwwwwww soo fun that you have the same birthday, must be an awesome joint bday celebration every year!!!

  6. You two make the cutest couple. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  7. Happy birthday to both of you!!! This is such a sweet post - I love it =).

  8. This is such a sweet post! Happy birthday you two!! :)

  9. This post is too sweet! You're very lucky to have such a support at home everyday! Happy birthday to you both!

  10. this is such a darling post! happy birthday to you two :)

  11. i literally thought "aww" in my mind at the exact time where you wrote "collective aww". too funny! happy birthday you guys! :)

  12. What a nice post! Happy birthday to you both :)

  13. Awwww!!!!! You guys are just the cutest!! :)) your pictures are adorable. You just go together :))

  14. happiest of birthdays to you both!! you guys are adorable together. adorable.

  15. Awww!! This is the sweetest post ever! I am still giggling about the 4pm dinners!
    Happy birthday to you both! xoxox

  16. awww...so damn cute cuple...!!! Happy double birthday!!! :)

  17. Aww! Happy birthday to both of you! I am almost the same with my husband - his birthday is the day after mine! It's fun to celebrate together!

  18. Happy birthday to you both! You're so lucky to have someone you can count on! And someone who will take blog pics for you! Haha! I'm still working on my bf with that one! I hope you two have a wonderful birthday together!!

  19. Yup, just about teared up reading this post.
    Love you two so much!

  20. My *almost* hubby and I share the same birthday too!! Isn't it fun to celebrate together!? Hope you had a great day!

  21. how special!!! love these photos, you lovebirds!!! your wedding photo-- eeep! so beautiful!


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