friday finds and favorites: corgi edition

 A few of my favorite things were not on the Internet this week. First off, props to the Seattle sunshine -- way to go getting your spring on.

Also, I'm feeling like I've learning to be true to myself and like me for me. And as Disney-movie as that sounds, it's so true. More on that I'm sure.

And usually I fill my Friday finds with lovely, thoughtful, inspiring finds from around the internet but this week I have to share some humor-related ones too because everyone deserves a good laugh and these things definitely made me giggle. (And turn bright red as I hold in my laughter because I'm at work and not supposed to be randomly giggling.)

(most of these links are from my dear brother who is younger and finds Internet-humor before the rest of the world does.)

(this was found on the interwebs, not something that happened in my fam.)

(disclaimer: I own a corgi and am supremely biased toward them. I also think they're hilarious.)

(see above disclaimer)

love these! via rowhouse14 on etsy

this french style blog kills me. like literally. i want to move to Paris and be a fashion blogger. and eat pain au chocolat every day.

also, read this post on design sponge if you tend to compare yourself to others like I do.

and if you haven't seen enough corgis, this at once horrible (how did people not know the Titanic was real?!) and adorable. 

happy weekend! I'm planning to blast oldies and garden on Saturday. 
What are you doing?

xo, erika


  1. I'm totally busting up over that text between your mom and your brother. That's awesome!! And totally something my mother in law would say. hahaha

  2. oh my goodness, i love those chevron stripe notecards!! x

  3. I saw the Corgi hoop art earlier this week and thought of dear Nezzy. And that convo with your mom is classic. I'm still shocked when I send a text message to my dad and actually get a reply :) the worst part is that he's an electrical engineer!
    Happy Weekend, friend! I think that sunshine is making it's appearance here and I'm looking forward to it :)

  4. Blasting oldies + gardening sounds like the perfect weekend!! Hopefully mine will be filled with book browsing and Downton Abbey! :)
    I love all your finds and the Corgi on stilts is SO cute!! Have a swell weekend dear!! xo

  5. Haha love the corgi edition! Happy Friday!

  6. I still can't believe some people don't know that Titanic was real. That doesn't even make sense!

  7. That French blog is gorgeous...I'll move to Paris with you and eat lovely bakery treats :)

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

  8. That corgi on stilts, cracks me up!

  9. love the purse in the last photo!!

  10. hahahaha that mom text was so funny! good finds! llove the ombre hair in the last pic! cute blog, new follower!

    xo Kelly



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