friday finds & favorites & another gif

It's Friday. Normally I'm super excited because it means I get two days off but I've already had two days off. Not two enjoyable days however... two days of fighting a terrible cold. I'll spare you the details but let's just say it wasn't pretty.

But it did give me time to play around with gifs. I haven't done it in photoshop because I found that googling "make a gif" gives you gickr.com <-- really? and makeagif.com, which results in things like this:

he's cute, huh? (now just imagine it to the theme song of night at the roxbury.)

other things I love this week:

- underside braid to bun on desire & inspire: (cute!)

 and good things to read & watch:

- Julie's video of her meeting a kangaroo. sooo adorable!!

- Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacking talking about outfit remixing and fashion blogging. I love what she says here:

"What drew me to blogging in the first place was a) the idea that fashion/style wasn't limited to people with lots of money, that real people on a budget could be stylish and remix what's currently in their closet and b) these are girls who are like me!  They aren't models, they aren't celebrities.  There are bloggers who are 5'1" and bloggers who are 5'9", bloggers who are 100 lbs and bloggers who are 180 lbs.  Blogging is so much more diverse than magazines, and that's what makes it so inspiring!"

can I get an amen?


now I'm off to find a cure for my cold & enjoy my weekend!

xo, erika

p.s. are you lillith? you left me the NICEST comment yesterday on my post but your email wasn't linked to your google account so I can't email you back to tell you how wonderful it was!! but seriously, thank you for your very kind words.


  1. He IS cute!!! I love his face. ^_^ Also, that bun is amazing!!! As are those glitter headbands...

    I am oh so sorry you've been sick. :( A Spring fever is boo-rific.

    Also, that quote on fashion blogging is so freakin' spot on. LOVE IT!!!

    I hope you feel better soon, lovely!

  2. I just bought a pair of earrings from Acute Designs but now I want one of those headbands too!

  3. I LOVE that gif of your cute pup!! And Elizabeth is 100% correct!!
    PS Pretty bracelets!!

  4. I'm considering starting a blog... Like within the next couple of months... My husband has encouraged me to, and the thought has lodged into my mind and desires and dreams :)Your 2 things that you mentioned (don't have to have tons of money and don't have to be built like a model) are some of the reasons that I feel like I could do this :)

  5. I remember doing those "upside down braids" allll the time back in middle school/high school - it's so funny to see how popular they are getting again :P

  6. absolutely obsessing over the underside braid bun! i really need to try it!
    xo TJ


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