big dreams

I have big dreams.

I think a lot of us do.

But, I also have big fears.

And I'm sure you guys do too.

But the struggle with my big dreams right now is not fear but more like less time.

To be honest with you all, I'm tired a lot. I feel like I tell the husband I'm exhausted every day.

My day job takes a lot out of me and I like it a lot, actually, but I also love this: blogging, creating, sewing and my little Etsy shop.

And then there's real life. My wonderful husband, my little furry monster, friends, a house, family, and laundry. ugh.

And sometimes all my big dreams seem really far away.

So I wonder, is it me being ungrateful to try and have it both? To try and blog and have an Etsy shop and work full-time and be a loving wife to my husband, a good friend and daughter? As well as have some clean clothes, eat decent food... the list goes on you know.

And yet, I have more ideas and more things that I want to do. But it seems like 24 hours is so little time for everything.

So, I'm asking if any of you has figured out the solution. A time machine, perhaps? If so-- let me in on your secret.

Or maybe you're just like me-- with so many ideas and passions and dreams that you want to pursue but maybe so little time to go out there and do it.

Heavy thoughts for a Thursday, I know. I just wanted to share. And you should share too. :)

xo, erika

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  1. Oh I definitely know this feeling.
    and I dont even have as much stuff on as you do. But my life is a lot more topsy turvy, spending weeks away sailing and then it takes a few days to get back into a rhythm...

    Let me know when you find the solution. Bernard's watch maybe?

  2. I constant complain about there not being enough time in the day, maybe I need to get used to not sleeping? That could be a solution..but I do like to sleep. Hmm.


  3. so true...i really feel this. I work 6 days a week often times until midnight (the hours of a performing/teaching violist are always weird) and then feel like i'm can never do enough with making meals, cleaning the house/laundry, and shopping for food etc. and then there's my little etsy shop and the craft fairs i want to do... i tend to complain a lot and wonder when i'm going to have time to do what i really want-which is go back to school. but when i really look at my life i have to say, in so many ways i am truly blessed.

  4. I feel EXACTLY the same way...but throw a four year old girl in the mix!! I feel like I have no time at all on top of being tired from working full time and trying to exercise and then I definitely don't feel like creating. Which is my passion. I know it's all about finding balance, but I'm still having trouble doing that. They best thing you can do is try to fit it in wherever possible, and don't give up on your dreams!

  5. I struggle with this a lot too. My blog is very new, but I also go to school, work a day job, live with my boyfriend, have a dog, etc. 24 hrs is NOT enough. But it's really good to have a supportive partner...that's the biggest blessing.

  6. I feel ya - between work and school and blogging and my new relationships I feel like I'm pulled in a lot of different directions. It can be hard to make time for everything!

  7. oh i definitely know how you feel! it is soo hard to keep up with it all!! i always wish there were more time for everything! more time for work, more time for family, more time for bloggin!! but i guess we just have to pick and choose what's most important!!

  8. Lovely you are not alone. I think this way too. I feel like I'm stretched so thin with the two jobs on top of everything else. Then I think about what if I pursued my dreams and took on just one job, my self employed job. I honestly think I will end up having even LESS time for "life" because my job will literally be 24/7 you know? It's hard. And I'm no scientist so I can't help with the whole time machine thing, but it's a good idea. Good luck, we are all here with/for you.

  9. You have taken the words right out of my mouth! This is virtually exactly how I feel. I certainly don't have the solution, but the only think I know to do is just put my tiredness aside as best as I can and keep my dreams in sight at all times. They seem far away, but hopefully every day they get a little bit closer!

  10. You're definitely not alone Erika! I'm pretty much the same way. I have dreams of opening my own Etsy shop and working from home, but those dreams have been put on hold. Partially because I simply don't have enough time to pursue it fully when I work 36 hours a week. There are so many other responsibilities to take care of at home that usually my blogging and crafting/sewing gets pushed to the side.

    You could say I'm in "waiting mode". Waiting until me and my bf move to a cheaper area so I won't have to work so much. Waiting for the right time to open my shop. Sometime it seems like I'll never get there, and other times I just want to take a leap of faith and just do it.

    Like Valerie said, I think the best thing we can do is just keep our dreams at the forefront and try to get there little by little. I think its worth it to pursue your dreams step by step, so at least you're on the right track. Because, how can you get where you want to be if you don't start down that path now? Right?

  11. oh yeah, I feel this way all.the.time.

  12. YOU my friend, spoke my mind exactly :) :)

  13. Hang in! Take a day off real world work to take a break and re-connect with your crafty self. I just did and felt so refereshed and re-charhed. No laundry though!

  14. You hit the nail on the head. I feel the same way. It helps to look back at your accomplishments, and the things you've crossed off your own to do list. Plus, this is the stuff that makes me happy. I feel the happier I am, the better wife and mom I will be. Sometimes I forget things, feel overwhelmed, feel like a bad wife, or mother...but I think that is in our nature as women. We want to take on the world! Sometimes the laundry gets piled up, we go through the drive thru...but when I see smiles, I know I must be doing something right! Keep your head, you are not alone!

  15. I think this feeling is definitely universal... For the past four years I have been a special educator in a multi grade level subseparate classroom for students with language learning based disabilities at a public middle school. Most days I feel as if I am running a marathon and can't catch my breath...As if I make one wrong move or decision their lives and futures can be impacted forever.
    Recently I made the decision to switch positions so that I am not spread so thin and I can focus on developing my teaching expertise to become a more effective educator.
    I think that all life decisions are tough, but in the long run it's the decisions that intuitively we feel are what's right for us.
    I dream that one day I will be proud of the educator I have become and that my students will remember that teacher who "helped them when"... I dream that I will raise a family with my husband who I have just celebrated my first year anniversary with, I dream of becoming a better daughter, sister, and friend, and I dream that I can continue to develop other areas of interest in my life that provide me with joy- reading, writing, and fashion.


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