shop update + random story

I don't always like to bombard you all with shop updates but I just added the first two items from my new wristlet line and I'm pretty pleased with them.

They're sized just right for a few cards, your phone and a lip stick or two. You can buy 'em for 10 percent off with the code "BECAUSE" or you can try your luck winning a $30 shop credit over on Sandy a la Mode

How was your guys' weekend? Mine turned out to be a bit exciting. I was visiting the in-laws and my half-hour run turned into an hour and half-plus run when I got lost...

Two miles turned into seven miles. I even stopped at a bikini barista stand for directions and let's just say she was more embarrassed than I was. (And she wasn't even wearing a bikini top... but I won't go into details. Let's keep it at least PG over here.)

So then I ran to a car repair shop where I was able to use a phone to call the husband...

who was out driving around looking for me. As was his mom. And my husband's friend.

And it turns out I was on the outskirts of town.

But, I do have to say, if you're looking for a good run or workout-- get lost. It's amazing how far you will go when you're trying to find your way back.

xo, erika

p.s. I'm still pretty sore.


  1. I love your wristlets, so cute!

  2. I love that blue wristlet! So cute! That makes me want to bring out my sewing machine and work on my skills! Inspiring much?!

    I have to say I've never gotten lost while running. But then again, its not too often that I go running anymore! Haha! I really need to get back into it. How do you find time?!

  3. that is awesome. and you finally passed the 5 mile mark ;) might have to try your trick out sometime. glad you were found! (and an aside, why oh why do those coffee stand exist? there is a new one in town called "honey buns". yowza.)

  4. Yay accidental 7 miles hahah. Love the wristlets - super cute!

  5. the wristlets are so cute! love your story...though I don't even know what a bikini barista is! happy monday :)

  6. Super cute wristlets! I love the patterns!

  7. Wait, you can run two miles? You're like a super hero...

  8. I was going to say the same thing: I'm sure you would've run even longer to find your way back!

  9. HOLY MOLY!!! Why don't you run with your cell phone girl?? You've gotta get an arm band for that phone. Oh my. I would have been freaking out. haha

  10. I looooove the black and white stripe one! Next time I need a wristlet I am coming for ya!

    xo JA

  11. They're cute! I always picture holding a mini pair of scissors, some darning needles & stitch markers! Y'know, knitting stuff! ;)

    AHH!! That's a bummer you got lost & that everyone was out looking for you! Glad you found your way home.. ;)

  12. I'm starting to SERIOUSLY pine after one of your tote bags...


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