O Canada! a love letter in photos

O Canada,

I've come to visit you many times before and I've met many of your lovely citizens when they come take advantage of our lower sales tax.

But, I have to say, Vancouver is really amazing. Like really gorgeous, awe-inspiring amazing.

And I'm saying that coming from Seattle.

I love that you have signs in French. J'adore tous les choses Francais! Also, it makes me feel like my years taking French in college were not a waste.

The metric system is also a fun change.

I love Granville Island Market and your polite little signs warning of us of seagulls.

Thanks for the beer-- it was pricey but worth it. (Let's face it, Vancouver is just pricey in general!)

And Stanley Park is breathtaking.

Especially on a clear day.

I liked your totem poles.

And I hope you liked my outfit.

cardi, skirt: Old Navy // button-up: Nordstrom // belt: thrifted // shoes: Blowfish 

I picked it out especially for you.

 The husband and I hope to come visit again soon.

Especially if it means more all-you-can-eat sushi.

Lots of love, 
your American friend,


  1. Looks like a lovely trip. I hoe to visit there sometime in my life. x

  2. Yay - I am SO happy you loved Vancouver!! It is my most favorite place in the whole world and I am so glad to say it's my city! Where did you end up going for all you can eat sushi? And the beer definitely would have been expensive at Granville island but it's actually quite reasonable elsewhere (especially compared to other places in the world... in New Zealand a beer out in town is $10 - $12!!!! It's so ridiculous.)

    Again - super super happy you liked it!! :)

  3. O Canada, indeed! I absolutely LOVE Canada... and I've never even been there! Jen has though and she quickly deemed that it's one of the best places ever.

    We hope one day that we can make our liveaboard (on a sail boat) home in Canada! <3

    P.S. Your outfit? So cute!

  4. I love the "thinkmetric" sign! So funny! We drove through Canada on our way to MI in December and I don't think they had that one :)
    What a beautiful day to visit Vancouver! I hope to make it back some day :) and I'm digging the gingham!

  5. I love your shoes and all you can eat sushi? SIGN ME UP. Awesome photos, friend. :)

  6. Seriously adorable! & looks like you had great weather in Canada, eh?

  7. Wow, I had no idea it was so gorgeous! Looks like you had a great time! Now added to my long long list of places to visit.

  8. Yay! You visited my country! Although I have to be honest...I live in Ontario and have NEVER been to Vancouver!! It's a goal tho!

  9. What a lovely little vacation!! I adore your outfit + all the photos you took in your travels!! I hope to one day visit Canada//Vancouver!

  10. That boat photo is 2 "blocks" from my parents house...they live almost under the cambie street bridge - so gorgeous!

    I'm glad you loved the city - it is beautiful...and pricey, you're so right! Try living here, the rent is terrible too, haha.

    That's why I go down to your neck of the woods so often...it's also gorgeous...and affordable! I fall in love with the whole greater seattle area every time I'm there!

  11. That sounds like so much fun! And your outfit is adorable!

  12. The other coast is awesome too! You should visit us. We're less pricey than Vancouver... very friendly... we also have beer

  13. I live in Michigan, but because i'm applying for American residency I can't leave the country and it's so hard when Canada is just over the river and it looks and sounds so pretty!

  14. I've got a picture of the same think metric sign! Looks like a great trip and your outfit is adorable. Stopping by from wiww of course :)

  15. Vancouver is gorgeous, but yes, so so expensive!! I've been there many times as my best friend lives there. Born and raised in Toronto though, and though we don't have the mountains, it's pretty awesome here too!

    I'm glad you like Canada so much!

  16. Being as close to Canada as I am I wish I could say that I've been there but I HAVEN'T. I need to go someday soon!

  17. all you can eat sushi? i'd be in heaven!

  18. Lovely photos! I used to live close to the picture of the boats. Glad you had fun :)

  19. I love to hear when people love my country especially when it's the west coast and I'm so so happy that you had a beautiful day in Vancouver, those can be rare.
    You know what's even more beautiful then Vancouver, Vancouver Island. There is no bridge so you have to take a ferry ride (which is pretty awesome) but the Island itself it just beautiful and I feel the people are even more friendly, or I could be biased.

    Plus I love your shirt, super cute!

  20. Maaaaan I wanna go to BC!! But it's a like, 4,300 km drive, ha! So... that's quite a bit!

    Awesome photos!

  21. I'm so glad you visited my country and enjoyed it. I used to live in the Vancouver area, but could no longer take the rain! You found a beautiful day to visit, though, it's gorgeous on sunny days and not so great on rainy days. So glad I don't live there any longer, I found a sunny place in the very centre of Canada and I love it!
    Your outfit is really cute, I love the large checks!
    Hugs, Cindy

  22. I love living in Vancouver (well rather Greater Vancouver), having just moved from Vancouver Island. So much going on in this city! The beer is pricy, but it's good! Loads of breweries on the island and the Mainland which is awesome. =) Glad you enjoyed the trip!

  23. That looks so fun! It's like a mini-vacation! The bf and I might take a day trip to a small town an hour away, and I'm really excited. Mini-vacays are the best! You two look so cute together! And I love your outfit! The blue and yellow go great together!

  24. LOVE Vacnouver, I live over on vancouver island, really nice place also :)
    You have an awesome blog!


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