help for my not-so-favorite room

I am slowly but surely but making my room a home.

And my next room on the list is not my most favorite room... not because it's a bad room but because it's been sorely neglected. It was kind of an office, and then my brother lived there for a bit while he worked in Seattle and now it's just a mishmash of things that don't have a place elsewhere in the house.

We may have someone else staying in the house this summer and I want to finish this room up before then.

Here's the before-- the not so pretty pictures:

 yeah... see what I mean?

Now, the thing is while I could very easily decorate this room in swaths of bright orange and yellow and all my favorite colors and design choices, I want to still feature some of the husband's things. I want it to be a comfortable guest room that speaks a little to both of us.

Here are some of the things I'm thinking:

option 1: gray walls with neutral accents

one of my mom's staged rooms

option 2: bold stripes and white bedding

source unknown-- anyone know?

option 3: aqua with touches of brown

option 4: mustard yellow

but honestly I'm so torn. All I know is that I don't want it too girly or too orderly. Any of your suggestions are most welcome!

xo, erika


  1. I love option 1! It has a nice cooling effect for summer, but the browns/mustards bring in the warmth for winter. I was looking out the window, and there are some beautiful colours in the trees behind which I think the colours in option 1 will look amazing! Just my opinion though :-) you'll have to upload the final product

  2. I like them all! But I think 1 and 2 are my favorites. I've been considering how to decorate our guest room lately too. We painted it a deep brown that I love and then Milton ate the comforter...eek! so now I need a new one :)

  3. ooooh!! I love all your inspiration photos!!! I don't know how to choose a favorite!! I really love the soft colors on the first one and I love the accents of brown on the 3rd one and I just love mustard yellow in general!! :) I hope you will post photos when the room is complete!! I'm sure however you decorate this look, it will look magnificent!! xo

  4. Oh man... I love all the options! I think whichever you choose I'd love to crash there ;-)

  5. I love the grey but then I am biased I would paint my whole house grey of I could.

  6. I am a turquoise and mustard yellow freak so I am torn between the two. Oh and I like black and white stripes.... Yeah I'm no help. :p

  7. i like the grey...but also the mustard yellow (but then again, yellow's ma fave :))

  8. I love the gray! I think it's probably the perfect neutral.


  9. ALL are such great ideas! If I had to pick a favorite I love the 3rd the best! :)

  10. Ooo I love the yellow :)) I would mix 3 & 4

  11. I love the idea of aqua with touches of brown. It's masculine but still warm and inviting and serene. I look forward to seeing after pictures of your space.


  12. I love the stripes! I just bought bedding like that for Brayden's room.

  13. They're all so pretty! My Favs are 1 and 3 :) it'll be beautiful!

  14. what about a combination of the first and last options? Some sort of grey/yellow combo, pretty yet simple and not too girly!


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