top: Target // necklace: c/o LilyEmme  // jeans: Urban Outfitters // shoes: Steve Madden (last year)

 I live for the weekends.

It's such a little slice of heaven-- of sleeping without an alarm, of lingering over a cup of coffee or two, of wearing soft sweaters and glasses and forgetting to brush my hair.

This weekend we headed down the in-laws and of course my mother-in-law made both brownies and pie, and how could I resist both?

And it rained just enough to keep things warm and fresh and once the sun came out it was perfect for a run, and for a hot shower and reading. And my cell phone? I left it in my purse. Sometimes I need to do that.

Today is Sunday -- another day stretching before me.

If I only could package weekends up, I'd give them as Christmas gifts.

xo, erika

p.s. speaking of Christmas gifts, all this week I'm sharing gift guides. I hope they help inspire your shopping (or crafting)!


  1. Mmmmm, pie!!! We had some delicious apple pie for dessert this evening. So good!

    You look absolutely lovely. ^_^ I adore your hair cut and its color? Wowwww. Also, thank you for linking to LilyEmmeJewelry, her stuff is ahmazing!

  2. cute outfit :):) and you're right weekends are a slice of heaven for sure!! Hope you've had a great one so far, and happy Sunday!!


  3. Sadly, my weekends usually consist of work and it's the weeks I look forward to! Loving your outfit though! Such a relaxed and comfy look. :)

  4. You are so cute!! And I agree with you, weekends are the best!! If you gifted me a bottled weekend I would be tickled pink!! ;)

  5. Love that sweet little dainty necklace!

    xo, Courtney

  6. what a lovely necklace! Happy Sunday!

  7. I, too, LOVE the weekends. If only everyday could be a weekend.

    Also, how could anyone say no to brownies and pie?!


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