christmas pinecone wreath

I've had plans on making a pinecone wreath for months. In fact my planning went back as far as October, when I collected a backpack full of pinecones during a walk with my dog. 

But it was only two weeks ago that I was able to finally get around to making the wreath and of course, it's just now that I'm finally sharing it with you. Such is life right now.

I was lucky enough to have all my supplies on hand (or in my yard), but I'm sure you can find pinecones at craft supply store too. 

 I cut out a circle of cardboard (forget buying a wreath form).

Spray painted my load of cones

And glued them with my handy gluegun around my cardboard "wreath." I ended up layering cones on top of each other to cover any empty spaces.

I added a few red berries and ribbon for a festive touch and hung it up. Although the wreath is only backed by cardboard, it's held up really well.

I think my favorite thing about this wreath that I can leave it up all winter. :)

xo, erika


  1. I love it! I tried to make a pinecone wreath last year, but it was a disaster ;) I love yours, especially with the white!

  2. So cute! I love that it's good for all winter too :) I never want to make Christmas wreaths because it's all that work for such a short time. ha!

  3. Loving the pine cones. So very pretty and wintery :)

    I want to create something with pine cones but we don't have any around where we are except really large ones {which I guess could work some way or another!}.

  4. I just found your blog (via another blog!) and this is amazing. I'll definitely give this one a try next year.


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