mens gift guide

 Happy gift guide week! I hope these give you a few ideas this holiday season!


It may be true that guys are the hardest to shop for. I'm hoping this guide makes it just a little easier.

1. Wayfarers are even better in mahogany $75 Tumbleweeds Handcraft via Etsy

2. Ride your bike and refresh with a bike glass $24 for two Vital via Etsy

3. One my my husband's all-time favorite books (and mine too) $15 

4. charge the iphone in manly style $49 Stump Industries via Etsy

5. state love in muted tones  $17.75 C is for Color via Etsy

xo, erika


  1. I love those Tumbleweeds sunglasses! I hope to one day own their heart shaped ones! (although with the way I break my sunglasses I really don't like spending very much money on them!) :(
    PS I love your new blog header!! :)

  2. Oh I want those sunglasses, hehe. Forget the boys!


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