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scarf: gift / cardigan: old navy / dress/boots: macys / tights: nordstrom rack / peeling paint: my house

I have a friend who usually prefers dresses and tights over pants.

I always thought she was a bit crazy, especially because she lives in Idaho where it gets cold.

But she claims that tights are better and more comfortable than pants.

I didn't agree with her until recently when I bought a pair of the softest, fuzziest tights ever. They are thick and nearly fleece-lined and I've decided that they truly are better than any pair of pants.

What's even better is that I look slightly dressed up, even though I feel like I'm wearing just a better version of sweat pants. Sweat pant tights. What will they think of next?

xo, erika


  1. yes, i have fleece lined leggings and they are definitely the best! super cute outfit!

  2. You look so cute + cozy!!
    I wear dresses practically every day and I agree with you + your friend: With the right pair of tights they can be warmer + more comfy than a pair of pants!! :)

  3. I keep hearing great things about fleece lined tights/leggings and they're on my wishlist! I agree wearing a dress makes you feel good and it's also very comfy!

  4. you are just the cutest!!! and i love tights and dresses too allows me to wear the dresses year round and of course i always do boots with my tights and dress

  5. adorable! and i TOTALLY love tights+dresses more than pants. all the way.

  6. I totally agree with your friend, I always feel most comfortable in tights and dresses. I almost hate wearing pants anymore.

  7. I love your outfit! Super cute! And I'm pretty sure you've just convinced me to give this tights and dresses thing a try.

    Where do I find these sweat pant tights?? (or as my husband likes to call them - sweet pants...)

  8. I've always been a black jeans kind of girl but your friend totally has a point! Tights are so comfy and your outfit is so cute, and comfy I bet!

  9. Ha! I am just like your friend. I can't even remember the last time I wore pants. Other than sweatpants, tights are the warmest ESPECIALLY over jeans! And I'm from Wisconsin so I know cold :)

  10. Yikes and by over jeans I didn't mean literally (wouldn't that be a sight!) - rather tights are warmer than jeans.


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