cardigan: old navy // scarf: gift // shirt: thrifted // pants: anthro // boots: wanted

After the glitter and the rush and everything of Christmas, I'm content with being quiet, contemplative, wearing neutral colors, cozying up in my favorite thrifted shirt.

I think my favorite part of the holidays is Christmas afternoon. After the wrappings were put away, I lay by my parents' fire alternating reading and napping, playing a few board games and catching up with family and friends. And after dinner, a few more people came by and we put on my all-time favorite Christmas movie: "Christmas Vacation." Perfect end to a blissful day.

xo, erika


  1. You are adorable. P.S. I met your BF's husband Brock tonight randomly. I was like "is your wife friends with Erika Riggs?!?" Just being a creepy blogger as usual... :)

  2. So when my husband and I move to Seattle, I'm just going to copy of your clothes. I hope you know this. ;)

  3. sooo we're sharing that scarf, right? right. good, glad we're on the same page. <3

  4. That's my favorite part of Christmas day too! So peaceful! Having fun looking around your blog! following you


  5. Oh my goodness that sounds pretty perfect to me.

  6. yes! christmas afternoons :) good time for napping too!


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