gift guide: for the mom

Happy gift guide week! I hope these give you a few ideas this holiday season!
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1. cooking is so fun when you measure with tea cups! $36 anthropologie

2. little nesting heart bowls-- perfect for desserts! $62 rosslab via etsy

3. how does your garden grow? with these cute stamped markers! $41 jessicaNdesigns via Etsy

4. the better way to treat booboos and dry skin. $12 Eucylpto Organics via Etsy

5. Not your grannies doilies! $12 tuttaloupress via Etsy

Sure, it says gifts for mom-- but I'm sure a best friend, a grandmother or aunt wouldn't mind these items either. :)

xo, erika


  1. Great picks! I especially love the heart nesting bowls!!

  2. Stamp them 'Mom Approved'! Seriously love them all, especially those darling heart nesting bowls

  3. i agree with 411 momma! these are mom approved! ;)


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