friday finds & faves #13

Thank goodness for fridays. Is it just me or are weeks after holidays really long?

but despite the busyness, as I sit here in bed typing, with my two favorite boys next to me, (one furrier than the other), I'm just feeling a sense of grateful for the life I have been blessed with.

this week I also loved

>> this warm salad from Gina over at Acute Designs. It has changed my opinion of brussels sprouts.

>> date night with the husband. dinner and a movie. So simple, but so wonderful

>> the movie Lincoln. It just made me want to learn so much more about American history. Also, can I get an amen for movies between Thanksgiving and Christmas? All the good ones come out now!

>> Mandy's amazing blog post that will make you feel that all can be good in the world.

>> I want to make this and I need to make this

>> and if you're looking for christmas music inspiration, here's a great list from ilene

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  1. Yay for date night! We definitely want to see Lincoln. and I'm loving Carina's advent calendar idea. I need to make that stat :) I'll def check our Ilene's playlist today! Happy Friday!!

  2. yup i totally want to read all things lincoln now and the movie goes to prove that politics back then are still politics now, over fighting can't seem to come up with a compromise and thank goodness for Lincoln and his ability to get such an important amendment passed

  3. Oh that salad looks SO GOOD. And I've been really wanting to see Lincoln, I need to find some room in my schedule to see it.


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