kitty shirt (stitchfix #2)

The husband and I have different viewpoints about what's fashionable. While I believe in a wide spectrum of "what's in" -- I think some of the things I wear confuse him. Take for example, a recent conversation we had as I tried on items from my stitchfix box.

Me: what do you think?
Husband: It's cute. But what are those on there. Are those cats on there? Why are there cats on there?
Me: It's cute! I like the cats.
Husband: I would like it but it's weird it has cats on it? What if it had corgis on it? That would be weird. It should have diamonds or moonbeams or something else on it.
Me:  Well I think it's cute. Your sister would like this shirt (His sister loves cats.)
Husband: What else is on there? Birds. Keys. Cages. My grandma would like this shirt too.
Me: laughs
Husband: I'm not being mean. She would like it!

Me: I like this one!
Husband: Uhh. I think my grandpa has that. Like you could have one of his and wear it.
Me: Why do you say that?
Husband: No, really I think my grandpa has that jacket. I'm sure you could have it if you asked him.
Me: So you're saying you don't like this...
Husband: No, I'm just saying it looks like something my grandpa has.

I didn't keep the blazer-- it was pricey and while I loved it, I already splurged on a leather jacket that fits similarily.

The blouse, however, despite the husband's concerns about the cat print, I couldn't resist keeping.

Have you tried Stitchfix? It's a fun little thing to do -- I love getting mail -- and clothes in a box is like the best mail to get.

My tips if you try:
- Price: The items in Stitchfix are going to be priced higher than items you would find at Forever21 or Target but I think the quality of the items are match the price. I've had a couple of wool-blend and silk-blend items.
- Be specific: At the end of the Stitchfix survey there is a place to "tell them more." I wrote this time that I wanted a fun, printed blouse or dress. They delivered. Tell them exactly what you're looking to add to your closet and what is a no go. (For me it's pants. I can really only wear one brand of jeans.)
- Be open: Some of the things I get I look at and think no way-- but once I try them on, I like it! It's also a great way to just open yourself up to new styles and looks.

Wanna try it out? You can use my invitation here.


  1. the conversation is quiet funny. lol

  2. love the blouse! and that's funny about your conversation - I've had a similar one when I've worn shirts with animal prints on them!

  3. love love the blouse!! and grandpa anything is soo in right now! Haha!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. LOL. Love your hubby's commentary, I can't help it.

  5. I lovelovelove that little cat top!! I would wear that in a heart-beat! :)
    I wish my grandpa had a dapper jacket like that!! :)

  6. ..i'm down with wearing cats. i mean, it just adds to my crazy cat lady status even more.

  7. kitty blouses are adorable! But my husband totally would've said the same thing. ha.

    Great meeting you at the blogger party on Saturday! :)

  8. aw, what a cute top! i feel like my hubby would have said those kinds of things, too! ;)

  9. I love that your husband suggest "moonbeams or diamonds" as a more reasonable print than cats. That made me laugh!

    Wonderful meeting you Saturday night; so glad you were able to come down to Portland!


  10. hahaha This cracked me up!! Fairly certain Hunter would vote no for a kitty shirt but I never mind :)

  11. hehe, that sounds like my husband!


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