friday finds & favorites: guest editor carina

This week I asked my friend Carina to curate friday frinds. I love saying "friend" because not only do I love Carina's cheerful, inspiring blog (and cute shop), we've actually hung out-- like more than twice. And she has great taste... as you can see below:


Hello friends! Carina here from Lovely Little Whimsy.
When Erika asked me to share with you this week, I was more than happy to oblige...
I am currently obsessed with making my Christmas wish list. Technically I am way too old
to be doing such a thing, but my husband and I came to an understanding a few years ago after
he got me an electric toothbrush.
I have about a million things I'm currently loving on etsy, but lemme share a few of my faves.

Other things I'm loving:
>> my friend's gorgeous new baby - swoon.
>> also, these words. seriously needed this week.

Can't wait to hear what you all are loving this week. So happy to be here. Happy Friday!

I told you she had great taste... I think I need to add her list to my list. (those teacups-- like I need more, but seriously!) Oh- you all should say hi to Carina on her blog, on twitter and of course, check out her shop lovely little whimsy.

I'd love to see what you guys love this week-- share below!

xo, erika

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  1. Berry colander? I didn't even know I needed one until now. :) Thank you Carina for sharing!

  2. oh yes, those cups AND that sewing machine necklace - LOVE! :D

  3. I love those cups! They remind me of my aunt, she would love them.


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