etsyRAIN wrapup

weeks upon weeks upon weeks of preparation and nervousness resulted in my first handmade show.

And overall, it was a good experience.

There were moments as I waited for my first sale that I questioned whether I had made the right decision, whether I priced things right, whether people would even like what I had.

But rather that doubt, I decided to make the decision that no matter what happened-- a few sales or a lot of sales-- that I was confident in what I make. And I love what I make, and that's more important than anything else.

After mainly selling online-- it was great to meet customers in person, to tell them about my process, to see them feel the leather or try on a tote. And it made me believe even more in what I do.

What did I learn?

- be bold. tell people about your product, chat them up! They are at a handmade show for a reason
- have clear pricing signs, and information about you and the shop
- have more than enough business cards (I ran out)
- have snacks and lots of water on hand
- have more items than you need (and start preparing months in advance!)
- talk to the other vendors! I loved meeting other people in Seattle who also sold handmade items. There was a lot of great stuff there.
- be confident. no matter what happens, believe in your product, your pricing and yourself.
- it's exhausting. I work all day and I sew late at night but for whatever reason, the two days of the fair were far more tiring than anything I had done in a loooong time.

I'm excited to apply to a few more handmade markets in the future!

Also-- like my display? Honestly, I did hardly anything. I have my parents and a family friend to thank for it. The back is pvc pipes (tutorial here) hung with cheap white Ikea drapes, the table is covered with vintage sheets and the display board is cut from an old door. Knobs from world market hang the totes.

More than anything I could not do this weekend without the support of my family, my husband and so many friends who came to visit me, who texted me and just in general believed in me. :)

xo, erika

p.s. if you missed the black friday sale, I'm having a cyber monday sale. use "CYBER15" for 15% off in the rouge & whimsy shop. Also, check out the new items like my metallic pouches and chevron wristlet.


  1. LOVE your display and YAY, you did it! :) Your products are fabulous, friend.

  2. hey lady!! so fun to see your work from being such a busy bee. thanks for the tips -- i will keep them in mind! your table looks great and your products look BEAUTIFUL. seriously. congrats on your first show!!

  3. I love your totes/clutches! The prints are very fun... I'll definitely have to check out your shop! I think your display is perfect- it's always best o keep it simple & to make the PRODUCT stand out.. :)

  4. So proud of you!!! Way to go Erika! :)

  5. Loved the display...sweet and simple! Congrats on your first show!! I remember my first show...I stayed up all night getting everything ready, I was super nervous about the whole thing, but the nerves were gone soon after I had conversations with customers. Can't wait to hear about upcoming shows! ;]

  6. yes congrats on your first show! love the display

  7. i really like your logo and tagline. great fonts! :) and your products look awesome!

  8. how fun! i love your booth! Your work is amazing. Congrats on a successful show!

  9. Looks great! So glad to hear it went well :) and your booth looks amazing!

  10. I saw your display and loved your booth! You were so sweet and your items were so beautiful. So happy to have heard about you!

  11. All the hand bagsare so fantastic. I Love pick color bag very much


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