what I'm doing friday

No I'm not heading to WalMart at 3 a.m. or even Best Buy.

I've been prepping for my first big handmade show and I'll have a booth at the etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show.

If you're in Seattle-- close to Seattle at all-- I would love to meet you!

But if you're not within a relatively close driving distance, check out the shop Friday! (I'll have some new items in there too)

 thank you all for your consistent support :) I really appreciate it.

xo, erika


  1. how exciting! i'm sure you will do great, people will be snapping up your bags! :)

  2. Enjoy the handmade show. Sounds like a good way to spend black friday.

  3. good luck! you will be awesome =).

  4. SO EXCITED for you and your first show. :) Have fun! Drink lots of coffee!

  5. I hope it goes well ;) Thinking of you today1


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