closet challenge: the unworn dress

There are things in my closet that I never wear. Usually there's no good reason to shun a particular sweater or dress, but still, they stay ignored. When Jen of the Arizona Russums posted that she was embarking on a closet challenge to wear all her clothes, I was intrigued. Lately I'm trying to edit what I buy and where I buy it and making the most of what's on my closet hangers feels like a good place to start.

So this week I tackled a dress I haven't worn in years. Years. In fact I think the dress came from a store that went out of business.

My mom bought it for me-- at this point I'm not even sure what the occasion was -- and I wore it a few times to a couple of weddings in college. Then I stopped wearing it. The dress is really well-made and it still fits well but for whatever reason, it's always felt hard to style. It took a few tries, and several trips down to the full-length mirror, but I think I finally came up with something I liked.

cardigan: old navy // dress: no idea // belt: thrifted // tights: nordstrom rack // shoes: macys

Secretly this is a challenge I really enjoy--but I'm nerdy like that. :)

If you did participate this time around with Jen & I, you can link your post up below! I'd love to see it!


  1. Aren't you just the cutest?! Nice work! :)

  2. I love how you styled this dress! Thanks for hosting! Fun challenge! I also tackled an "unworn dress" :)

  3. Oh man, how could you be ignoring such a pretty dress like that!

  4. Such a cute dress, I'm glad you pulled it out!

  5. I love the way you styled this dress!!

  6. love this look! you inspired me to pull out a dress I haven't worn in about a year and pair it with a cardigan I hadn't tried before!

  7. Ooooh! I may have to do this. :D I'm trying to eliminate what I don't wear, since I have a lot of clothes that I've collected over the years... But I can only do that by actually trying on the clothes, seeing what does and doesn't fit, etc. Whatever doesn't work, I give to my mother-in-law who uses the fabric for crafting, so it's a win-win!!!

    P.S. That dress? ADORABLE.

  8. that dress is soo cute! love it on you girl!

    Sandy a la Mode

  9. love how you styled this! the contrast of the dress + tights is perfect. :) you're always so adorable!


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