I'm thankful for -- a link-up party!

 Every year my family has a tradition where we go around the Thanksgiving table and share what we're thankful for this year. To be honest, some certain family members don't love the activity-- but only because we usually dish up our food beforehand and listening to everyone's stories of gratitude is challenging when you're facing steaming piles of potatoes and turkey. ;)

But it's a good practice. And as much as I wish we could all gather around a HUGE Thanksgiving table and share what we're grateful for, I just don't know it's feasible. So instead Julie of Julie Ann Art, Leonora of Yellow Heart Art and I are hosting up a link-up party to share what we're most thankful about this season. Whether you're thankful for your dog, your family, or something way more complex, we want to share ours and read about yours.

The link-up will go live Tuesday, November 20 at midnight Eastern time and your post will show up on all three blogs.
You must link to just  your post, not your entire blog, with what you are thankful for. 
You must link back somewhere in your post to one of the link-up hosts. 

We're so excited to see what you all are thankful for! Be sure to come back here to link up, as well as read all the other posts people share. 
Grab the button below to promote the link-up on your blog.

xo, erika 

p.s. right now I'm still thankful for my leftover Halloween candy. Trick-or-treaters, you missed out by not stopping by :)


  1. Oh yeh! I cam across your gorgeous blog and I fell in-love with it. I can't wait for this link party to go live :)

    All the best

  2. love this idea! i will be linking up! marking it on my blogging calendar now! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  3. Awesome! Started my thankful list today. Thank you for yet another fun link-up :)

  4. This is awesome! I am beyond excited about this and have already started to work on a blog post to help spread the word. I can't wait for the 20th!! :)



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