rainy day shine

raincoat: eddie bauer outlet // sweater, skirt: thrifted // tights: nordstrom rack // boots: macys 
bracelet: threads

Sometimes November in Seattle is terrible-- dark, rainy and cold and it doesn't ever feel like the sun will come out.

And sometimes life can seem that way-- dark and stormy-- with no sign of light.

And there are some people who work tirelessly to bring light to those dark areas of life.

Ashley of The Shine Project began as teaching in inner-city schools in Arizona and felt desperate to do more, to empower the students who so badly wanted to break the cycle of the life around them.

Recently Ashley launched Threads, a cause-drived business that changes the futures of these students by employing them to make bracelets and earn living wages toward college degrees. A lot of these students are first-generation college students who have huge dreams and these bracelets are a way to fuel those dreams.

It seems small, but I know that impact that Ashley is making. I've had the honor of meeting her and hearing the passion she has for these students.

If you are thinking of buying a bracelet for someone this Christmas-- or maybe want something pretty for yourself, consider buying from Threads. I love my new bracelet.

(steps off my soapbox.)

happy monday :)

xo, erika

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  1. just lovely! i love the shine project, too!

  2. LOVE Threads and The Shine Project. Ashley is really remarkable.

  3. so pretty! i love all the threads bracelets and Ashley is doing great work!


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