5-year-old me

earrings: fresh tangerine // t-shirt: urban outfitters (several years old) // skirt: thrifted (see it worn here) // shoes: bc footwear

Five-year-old me would approve of this outfit.

A butterfly skirt for spinning. A t-shirt with Madeline on it. And pretty yellow shoes.

Five-year-old me would also approve of the corgi monster who insists on being in every photo.

xo, erika


  1. So cute! I love everything about your outfit, lady! The tee and earrings are my favorite though :) And I love seeing the Corgi Monster!!

  2. ha! I love this! the 5 yr old you is pretty cool and has good taste in fun outfits.
    Also so funny how your doggie is in every pic! LOL.


  3. Haha love it. And I still adore that skirt, so cute!

  4. I love this outfit!! Esp. your Madeline tee!! (There is Madeline print on my blog today that I am seriously considering buying!! I heart that little French girl!!) :)

  5. MADELINE!!! <3 I love this outfit and of course, CORGI MONSTER!!!

  6. Ohh I love this outfit- you look comfy and cute! I especially like the yellow shoes :)


  7. i love madeline...she is just so awesome, brave, and a redhead! i have a madeline shirt too and i actually own the movie. love it!

    cute outfit!

  8. oh that corgi cracks me up. and your skirt - adorable!

  9. oh puppies - they have no idea how important it is to get out of the way for pictures ;) mine always want to be a part of them :D


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