hi from my friend kristina

hi friends! My time away is winding down, but I still have another friend to introduce you to! I'm sure you're looking for a new blog to follow with fun DIYs, fashion and my favorite, a weekly vlog!
Hi friends of Erika! My name is Kristina, I'm a nurse who needed a creative outlet...enter Simply Bold, my blog where you can expect to find pieces of my style, life, do-it-yourself projects and little loves along the way. I love to stretch my closet, without stretching my wallet, and make my pieces work in different ways. My style can be described as urban renewal, meaning I enjoy classic pieces with a twist, refreshing vintage loves, and mixing patterns & textures...there's no rules around here and if you think there are, it's time to break them!

I thought I'd share a little look into my blog so you're not caught by surprise when you swing by for a visit.  hint. hint. yes, I'm shameless too.

>> lots of prints...from polka dots & stripes to leopard & tie dye and a mix of any & all

>> comfort...that's where it's at

>> do-it-yourself projects: easy-peasy & make a statement (for less...a lot less)

Oh, so you like saving $420 on a necklace too? Wanna see more tutorials? Check 'em out here.

So there you have it...in a nut shell. A very small nutshell. Feel by to swing by and gather up some outfit inspiration, creativity tutorials, and enter my current giveaway! I've enjoyed hanging out with you ladies today! Stop by Simply Bold anytime!

I'm so glad that I found Kristina's blog recently and I hope you all stop by and send her some love! 

xo, erika
p.s. have you entered the blog design giveaway? I'd get over there if I were you! 


  1. Officially in love with your guest blogger - definitely checking her out on her personal blog. I love the mason jar idea...and of course, the idea of saving big on DIY projects. thanks!


  2. Thanks for introducing us, Erika! I can't wait to read more of these projects and fashion ideas :)


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