making the most of it

In between the day job and sewing orders like a mad woman (thanks for all your support!) I've been trying to make the most of summer.

Which means, as I make the most of 80 degree perfection in Seattle, I am not making the most of my blog.

Instead, I'm lingering on the deck after dinner with the husband, taking longer walks with the doggie monster, watering the garden, and taking last-minute trips to Eastern Washington, like I did this past weekend.

But I promise you that once the weather begins to turn... I'll be back with full force and then some. (I have a ton of ideas for future posts.) But for now, it's been a little casual 'round here. And I hope you're cool with that. 

xo, erika


  1. sometimes it's nice to take a little time out from blogging... especially when the weather's nice



  2. Enjoy the summer, lady! I totally get it :)

  3. I'm originally from the Seattle (ish) area, so I say to you - enjoy it while it lasts! :) Summer only stays so long in Seattle.


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