nesby's friend penny

If you're familiar with my blog, then you're likely familiar with my dog, Nesby, who I affectionately refer to as Monster simply for his occasional monster tendencies. Today, I'm excited for you to get to know someone who is likely Nesby's future doggy-wife....


Hi guys! It's Julie, of Julie Ann Art, and I wanted to introduce you to someone today. Her name is Penny. And she's a love-able terror. Yes, terror. That was not a typo on terrier. Although, she is a terrier as well.

I think Penny would be best friends with Nesby if they lived closer, just as I would be best friends with Erika if we lived closer. Penny and Nesby would be two peas in a pod. You see, they love all the same things:

Eating scissors
Eating toilet paper
Eating fabric
Eating hairpins
Eating anything that is left on the floor
Eating anything that dogs are not supposed to eat

You see?
They have so much in common!

Now eating various amounts of all things is not the only things that would draw these two pups together. They both have an undeniable cuteness that makes their owners look past the "terror" traits, and focus more on their friendly, cuddling, unconditional loving qualities. Aren't dogs the best?

Want some more Penny updates? (Along with recipes, craft tutorials, and daily life posts!) Come visit my blog, Julie Ann Art!

Eating scissors? It looks like Nesby and Penny have quite a bit in common... 

xo, erika

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  1. oh, gosh. i am cracking up over this. hilarious. and two adorable puppies!

  2. OMG too cute. the last picture is hilarious and adorable at the same time!


  3. Oh my gosh Penny is SO CUTE. That last picture of her is just adorable.


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