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I'm not camping-- that was two weekends ago, but I am out of town in Eastern Washington enjoying sunshine and lake time (and no Internet time). In the mean time, some of my favorites are here, blogging about whatever their little heart desires.

Hi y'all! I'm so excited to join you on Erika's blog today! My name is Beth and I blog over at dot in the city. If you've been following Erika long, you know she loves to spend time outside and go camping. Since I too  love to camp, I thought it would be fun to share some ideas for how we go about planning a camping trip.

You don't often have to go far to camp. There are state parks and campsites all over. Do some online research to find out what's nearby. Use a weekend camping trip to see some sites you live near, but have never taken the time to explore for yourself. I live in Massachusetts (and have for nearly 10 years), but hadn't seen a cranberry bog until my husband and I went camping in a state forest a few weeks ago. We had to drive through dozens of cranberry bogs to get to the park.

If you go to a state park, there are likely trails on the same property or very close by. If not, it may take some research/planning ahead of time to figure out where to go for a hike. And this may sound crazy but trust me, leave your phone in the car or turn it off altogether. If you're going somewhere that's not too far from "real life," you may need to cut off your ties with reality (just for the camping trip). A break from technology will do you good ;-) Seriously, just enjoy being outside!

There's no need to sacrifice quality or flavor when you're away from your kitchen. With some planning and prep before you leave your home, you can have a delicious dinner. Foil is my best friend when it comes to car camping. There are so many meals that can be cooked in foil. I came across a list from The Food Network of 50 things to grill in foil from desserts to side dishes to meat. We cutup the veggies ahead of time, put them in foil packages, and then pop them on the grill once dinnertime rolls around. No need to pack a cutting board or sharp knife. I'm all about keeping meals simple, so you can spend your energy enjoying the place and people you're camping with.

Get to know your camping neighbors. I've learned it's very easy to do so when you bring your dog. People are often intrigued and ask questions about our dog or want to pet him, so I end up meeting the nearby campers. I only mention this as a suggestion because I'm a bit of an introvert so meeting strangers at a campground isn't my default mode. It seriously paid off recently when we forgot to bring coffee and a camping neighbor offered us each a cup o' joe after we had chatted for a bit (what a lifesaver)!

Bring your favorite (card) games. Without TV, computers, and phones, once the sun goes down there isn't much to do. I'm pretty sure card games are a camper's best friend. Get comfy in your tent or by the campfire (where ever you're most comfortable) and play a game you enjoy. We usually bring Phase 10, Uno and a regular deck of cards.

What are your must-haves for camping trips? Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Thanks again to Erika for having me!


I love camping and I love Beth's ideas here! We just one more month of summer (gasp!) and I think I'll definitely have to get camping again and maybe try some of those fancy-looking foil dinners. :)

xo, erika


  1. I love camping posts. thanks for the introduction to another great blog

  2. i love beth!!!!! what a fun post!! i haven't been camping in ages!

  3. Thanks for these great ideas!! I love camping and miss it...we used to go camping so much when I was younger. I am TRYING to get my husband to take up an new hobby with me and become CAMPERS :) What fun!! :)


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