where's my scrunchie

 top: thrifted // jeans: Anthropologie // shoes: Seychelles // shades: Target

To be honest, I feel a bit 90s in this outfit.

I spotted the sleeveless jean top at a thrift shop and my friend convinced me to get it. (And for $2-- why not?)

But the jury might still be out on this ensemble -- whenever I wear the top I feel compelled to find some bright leggings, Reebok high tops and topped off with a patterned velvet scrunchie.

Since I don't have all that 90s garb readily available, I thought polka dotted jeans and some turquoise shades would be suitable substitutes.

Nesby was unsure about the jean top but he definitely liked the shades.

What do you think? Too 90s? Or is 90s back again?

xo, erika

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  1. What breed is your dog?? I think he's the cutest thing ever. :) :)

  2. the picture of your dog is precious!


  3. Personally, I like it! Good summer outfit for a warm day. :)

  4. haha! Your dog is such a cutie!! I love those shades Erika!! xo

  5. I think I would look TERRIBLE in this outfit. But I think you look FANTASTIC in it!

  6. I dont think its too 90's. i've been seeing lots of jean type button up shirts/dressie things as of late. I like it. The pants are adorable & your dog is pretty cute too :)
    Oh, My

  7. I think I have that same exact shirt. Maybe I bought it in the 90s!

  8. Definitely not too 90s =) Love the outfit

    I just got those jeans at red at Anthro yesterday and I looooooove them. Can't wait to wear them!

  9. I really like you. I don't like that many fashion blogs b/c they all wear the same trendy stuff. Way to rock that $2 shirt that I think used to be my mom's 15 years ago ;) haha Seriously though I love your jeans and shoes. And you!


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