clothes in a box! (and a guessing game)

The biggest thing now seems to be subscription boxes. there's birchbox for makeup, there's this box for the time of the month, there's a nail polish box and there's a clothing box. 

and i decided, on a whim, to sign up for the clothing box-- stitchfix

so I filled out the profile, feeling skeptical, because I'm one of those people that KNOWS what I like to wear (and have been this way forever-- you can ask my mom about that.)

but I thought, why not? And plus, the box coming on Monday totally made the start of the work week loads better.

the husband, of course, was immediately skeptical about the whole thing. 

I told him that I didn't have to keep any of it, but he just raised his eyebrows at me.

"You're going to have a box of clothes sent to you and you're going to send it back?"

Husband. Have faith in me, okay?

So Monday evening I opened the box like a giddy kid on Christmas and tried it ALL on and of course made the husband take photos of ALL of it. 

Stitchfix, you did well. Way too well, in fact. 
>> blouse

 >> dress

>> skirt 

 >> necklace

 >> jacket

Buuuut I couldn't keep it all, because of the whole money thing ... but I did keep something. 

Do you guys want to play a game? Guess what I kept-- I'll reveal it next week-- and leave your email address with your guess in the comments. If you're right, I'll send you an exclusive discount code to my shop

Sound good? 
Ok, let's play. 

Did I pick.....
a.) the colorful blouse
b.) the geometric shift dress
c.) the fun striped skirt
d.) the statement necklace
e.) the classic mustard jacket

I'll reveal my answer next week! 

happy wednesday!

xo, erika
p.s. want to check out stitchfix for yourself? sign up here.
p.p.s. linking up to the pleated poppy!


  1. the jacket! I also love the necklace!

  2. Oooh, it would have been really tough for me to choose between that first colorful top and the jacket. I would say the jacket - since it seems really unique and perfect for going into early fall.

  3. oh gosh, they did do well! so many of these look like your kind of thing! i think you kept the jacket :)

  4. O I hope you kept the jacket its perfect for you!

  5. GAh that's hard' I vote the blouse and the jacket but.... I'm gonna say you kept the jacket! :)

  6. Everything looks so cute on you!! I think you kept the skirt! :)

  7. I vote e! =)


  8. Please tell me you kept A, it looks SO cute on you!

  9. they're all really great pieces... but it has to be the jacket!

  10. you totally kept the jacket, right? and the striped skirt! :)

    (my email is linked to my account)

  11. Hi! I'm visiting from the What I Wore Wednesday link up! I'm guessing the jacket! It looks great on you!


  12. oh man! soo hard! I am going to guess the jacket as well BUT I love the blouse and, of course, the necklace is stunning. I would have kept them all ;)

  13. I vote E because I want it for myself! Maybe I'll sign myself up for a box...

  14. How I have not heard of this?! Your blog is precious {& I think that you should play the lottery tonight, win & keep all the clothes!} I am now following your blog via GFC. Thanks for the sweet comments!

  15. Omg!! You are right, everything is great! Damnit now I want to sign up.

    I think you kept the blouse! Maybe.

  16. i think you kept the jacket! loved everything :)

    C’s Evolution of Style

  17. The top in the first picture! But everything is so cute.

  18. Wow this is tough to choose! I just love how unique that jacket is... but the colors in the top look so great too! Mmmm... I'm going to guess jacket!


  19. I think you kept the jacket. It looks great! I also like the necklace

  20. oh and ps my email is maribelle27@gmail.com

  21. hi erika! i have loved following your blog for a little while now...two questions about stitchfix if you don't mind my asking - what price point did you sign up for and did you feel like they honored that pretty well? Also, did you happen to write down the brands of the other things in your box?
    thanks from durham, nc!


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