friday finds + favorites #9

Each week I love to share things I love from other blogs and sites (and of course a few favorites from "real life.") I'd love to see what you're loving too!

>>oooh facebook timeline image help from shrimp salad circus

>>fried zucchini blossoms? I need to try this (esp since my zucchini plant is out of control.)

>> the blog deer circus is so pretty, both in the writing and the photos.

>>you know those pallets I picked up? yeeeah still haven't done anything with them. maybe this sofa?

>> you guys, old navy has jeans in every.color. and they're on sale. I kinda want them all.

Not gonna lie, this week was hard. Kick me in the face hard. Last week was blissful vacation but that meant that there was a ton of catch up in the etsy shop and in the day job. It's been intense and I've been inspired by the Olympic athletes-- I kind of feel like I'm in my own crazy Olympics.

But I have to say, I have a great husband and wonderful, wonderful friends who have really helped me out. You know who you are and you rock my socks off.

link up your favorites from this week!

xo, erika

p.s. have you entered to win the giveaway for a heart necklace from carina? Also, if you can't wait to win, I still have two openings for people to buy the necklaces for $10 off... email me :)


  1. COOL DIY!!!!
    are you sure it's a DIY? LOL

    anyway, this is mine => here


  2. I love the pallet sofa! Great find, Erika :) have a happy Friday!

  3. That zucchini blossom looks incredible...seriously delicious!

  4. oooh! I love Deer Circus' blog!! Such pretty photos! Thanks for the recommendation!! xo

  5. I want all those Old Navy jeans too!

  6. i love the tip sheet for a pretty facebook page. thanks for the link.

  7. you're too sweet! thanks for the shout out. : ) love your little slice of the blogosphere as well. xo!


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