did you guess right?

Last week I got my very first Stitchfix box. And I was tempted to keep it all--- you can see the goodies here-- but I knew that wasn't too practical.

So I just kept one thing. Most of you guessed the jacket, (which I admit was amazing), but since it was $150 and I already splurged on a gorgeous jacket for winter, it went back.

But what did I keep? (drum roll please)

The skirt!

Megan of Moonbeam Wishes and K8te of Peony for Your Thoughts: I have a really good discount code for you-- email me. :)

To be honest, it was a really tough decision but the skirt was priced right, it goes with a ton of stuff in my closet and will work with multiple looks. But like I said, it was a tough decision.

If you ever feel the need to get cute clothes in the mail-- I suggest stitchfix. You can sign up here :)

As for everybody else,  use "because" for 10 percent off in my shop, just because I like you guys :)

oh and speaking of the shop-- just because it's getting to be the season-that-shall-not-be-named,** I'm beginning to work on a new line. be sure to snag the stuff in the shop now, because once it's gone-- it's gone!

xo, erika

**I'm not ready to be done with summer yet... if you were wondering.


  1. yay! i'm glad you kept the skirt! and that i guessed righ! :) emailing you now! :)

  2. I was right!! :)
    That skirt is SO you Erika!! I love the colors + the denim top you paired it with!!
    I am off to email you! xo

  3. love the outfit, those shoes are stunning!


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