i jump for date night

 shirt: thrifted // skirt: Gap // necklace: Urban Outfitters // shoes: c/o BC Footwear

hat: Mariners team store // jacket: Super Jock n Jill (where husband works) // shorts: Gap // flip-flops: Reefs

The husband and I don't always go on date nights-- not official ones, that is. We both are a bit on the cheap side and even if it's happy hour, we can always make it (and drink it) cheaper at home.

But sometimes it's so good to get out of your kitchen and down to your favorite neighborhood (our favorite spot is Ballard) and find a bar or restaurant where you can talk life (and whether the people in the bar are true hipsters.)

Can we also note that all the husband's outfit post photo taking has made him quite savvy to my wardrobe? When I got home from work, he told me "ohhh-- those shoes are fun-- they're a nice pop of color." Can you see why he's my favorite?

xo, erika


  1. yay for date night, Erika! and yay for the mister commenting on your shoes so accurately :)

  2. What a fun date night outfit! That skirt rocks and I love the bright shoes too. How funny about your husband's shoe comment! I don't think my husband could pick a pop of color out of a lineup :)


  3. haha! Your husband is so cute!! ... those shoes are indeed the perfect pop of color!! I LOVE them!! :)

  4. such cute outfits! hope y'all had an awesome time:)

  5. Date nights are fun, especially getting out. I tend to be on the cheap side too but sometimes you gotta throw caution to the wind!

  6. He's right about the light blue shoes. I love it. My husband only likes me in very old shirts (from high school) because that when I get compliments such as "I like this shirt. It's soft."

  7. love your shoes!! and i just did a post on date night too!! :)

  8. Cute outfit!~ Love the stripes and the mustard skirt. Your husband was right - nice pop of color on the shoes :)

  9. Just found your blog! SUPER cute! love the shoes!


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